Bringing a vision

and a vehicle,

cutting edge technology

for teachers and


for classrooms and

exchanges, through

live! online video

modules called


O-livestreamô is a project

of the 

Foundation for Transforming 

Teachers and Technology

What is O-livestreamô?

    O-livestreamô (pronounced olivestream) stands for "One live-internet-video-education stream," a vision and a technological vehicle for specific teaching modules that can poignantly enhance regular classroom  teaching as well as learning exchanges within communities, and between cultures worldwide.

    O-livestreamô offers a vision. It is a vision of learners among a diverse humanity, uniting in the wisdom of elders, teachers, the people, and leaders across cultures and traditions, actively participating in knowledge, progressively new, and old, that has flowed from roots in prior generations, upbuilding our lives and shared existence. The olive tree is symbolic in uniting cultures and continents. The olive branch is a symbol of peaceful knowledge carried purposefully, streaming over the seas from one destination to another. This 'living stream' suggests both concern for restoring the health and future of the earth, as well as the video and audio 'streaming live' on the internet today from local communities and teachers around the world, offering great potential for education and constructive action.

Project Aims

  • Consulting & collaborating with teachers and leaders to develop live, online video (O-livestream) modules for classrooms, or exchanges, with specific content focus, in multiple disciplines
  • Facilitating community exchanges worldwide with live video
  • Serving and partnering with high school teachers,
    indigenous teachers, elders worldwide, and university faculty
  • Facilitating students' construction of knowledge
  • Providing training and a Guide Book for teachers, community leaders, and technicians for setup and use of O-livestream at affordable cost
  • Facilitating education and movements for justice, nonviolence, reconciliation, and peace
  • Facilitating recommendation of excellent guest teachers and experts, when needed, for the classroom and other venues
  • Creating vehicles and environments for learning alongside institutional structures
  • Partnering to preserve and learn from indigenous cultures
  • Partnering to protect and restore earth's natural processes
  • Partnering with religious traditions in education and interfaith collaboration